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1. Q: How to charge?

A: Check this video to know how to charge it correctly. (Watch the video )

2. Q: How do you charge this item?

A:Comes with a special magnetic USB charger. Plug in the normal USB port to charge, such as computer, mobile phone charger plug, etc.

3. Q: What size band?

A: Hi,Band size is about 5.9in-8.2in.

4. Q: How accurate is the heart monitor?

A:The heart rate reading of the smart watch is almost the same as the heart rate reading of Fitbit and Apple watch.

5. Q: can you read the text message on the face of the watch?

  1. A: Yes, it support, Pls do the follow steps.

  1. you can go into the app and open SNS Alert, and choice the app u want to get notification. then connected sucessfully

  2. Pls keep the Bluetooth of your phone is on, bind your phone with fitness trackers sucessfully.

  3. Please make sure your SNS app allow notifications.

  4. Please do not login your SNS account in computer at the same time.

  5. Please do not stay at the SNS app in your phone when u want to get message from fitness trackers.

6. Q: Can you send text messages from this watch?

A: Sorry, this watch is temporarily unable to send text messages. But you can receive text messages and calls, and you can hang up.

7. Q: How far away does you iPhone have to be to stay connected

A: The distance between this watch and the phone is about 5-10 meters.If Bluetooth is not broken on your phone. The mobile phone background app keeps running, this watch can record and keep data all the time.

8. Q: Does the watch’s screen turn on with you lift your wrist like the apple watch? Or will I have to press the touch button to turn it on?

A: You can lift your wrist or press the touch button to turn it on. There are two ways to open the screen.

9. Q: How do I set the time?

A: The date and time of the bracelet is automatically synchronized with the phone. You only need to download the app to your phone, then open the Bluetooth connection device, then enter the APP, the login device is successful, the date and time of the phone will be automatically synchronized.

10. Q: What models of mobile phones does it support?

A: The watch is compatible with iOS 8.2 and above and Android 4.4 and higher smartphones (not for iPad, tablet or PC). Please install the “KingFit” app on your phone and device pairing.

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