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Brightness Level

Brightness Level: swipe up→Setting→Bright 

screen display→Click “+”or“-” to adjust the brightness


Do not disturb mode setting

Steps:swipe down→click first icon to turn on/off do not 

disturb mode.


Lift Wrist to Wake Up

When the hand is raised, the screen will automatically light up. 

Open this setting on app.You can set the time of quick look 

on app.


Find Device & Phone

Find Device: Open JYouPro App → Device → More settings 

→ Device search→ the device will vibrate.

Find Phone: Swipe up on the watch face → Find phone → 

the phone will Ring (make sure your phone is in Unmute state)


Shake for Photograph

Please turn on this function in app before taking photos.

Steps: Open "JYouPro" App → Device → Remote selfie → 

Shake To Take Picture


Sedentary reminder

Please turn on this function in app.

Steps: Open "JYouPro" App → Device → Inactivity 

Reminder→ Set start/ end time/Sedentary duration 

Please turn on the No Interruptions for Luch Breakfirst


Drink Reminding

8 cup of water a day, keeps doctor away.

Go to "JYouPro" App→Device→Hydration notification→Turn on

→Set thetime.


Medicine reminder

Don't forget to take medicine no matter how busy you are.

Go to "JYouPro" App→Device→Medicine reminder→Turn on→

Set the time.


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